Euphoria Artbook Vol 1


Absolute Ama’s ‘Euphoria’ art book vol 1 Reprint

Paper: 80lb paper satin
Matte laminated cover for all that extra fanciness.
Size: 9.5 x 6.5in
This 44 side zine, features hi-res images of watercolor, ink, and sketch works from Ama’s 2018 work collection which are no longer available as prints but still cherished. Previously released limited edition set of 50 now up for pre-orders again! Works range from initial sketches to completed paintings/drawing, thought processes, doubts, successes, all in one!

Vol 2 is currently in the works so stay tune for Euphoria vol2 2019-2021 artbook edition which will feature ink, gouache, and resin works..

Pre-ordered copies will receive a signature and a mini doodle within the inner front cover, done as a thank you for funding the purchase of the zine!

Preorder process goes like this:

Preorders will stay open for TWO WEEKS. Then once funded, the artbook files will be sent over to the manufacturer to start the printing process. Once the artbooks ship from the manufacturer to me, will I begin the signing of artbooks, then packaging, and then finally shipping them out to YOU! Again, this could take a month or two depending on the speed at which I receive the artbooks as well as how fast I can package the order. Thank you for understanding!

******By purchasing a artbook, you agree to wait possibly a month OR LONGER to receive your zine. I don’t want it to take a month but depending on how many purchases I receive, it MAY take that long due to waiting on possible manufacturer delays, packaging a large number of zines myself, as well as shipping out, and to top it all off, shipping delays!*******

Thank you so much for your support and for allowing me to create this artbook to begin with!
These artbooks are funding my continuation of creating art and my livelihood, so any purchase will be greatly appreciated!

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