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Ama is an American pop surrealism painter, born and currently residing in Chico, California. She works as a freelance artist and is the face of the Absolute Ama brand. Spending most of her childhood daydreaming strange situations and consuming Japanese Animation, Ama loves to imagine a world of magic which she feels has influenced her current state of work. Ama has spent majority of her life creating art, though after her first year in college as an art major, she switched to pursuing a degree in STEM instead....
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August 1st-31st: ZINE Group Show, Blackbird Cafe Chico California, USA

Sept 7th-8th. 11am-5pm: Chico Print Party, 1078 Gallery, Chico California, USA

Sept 28th. 10am-2pm: ZINEFEST, Blackbird Cafe, Chico California, USA 

Sept-Oct TBA: Provisions Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Chico California, USA
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November 21, 2018
December Solo Art Exhibition

For the month of November, I've been prepping for my solo art exhibition in December! It's been a crazy month with the fires and being temporarily evacuated. We are fine but alot of friends and family have lost their homes making it difficult to paint for a good portion of the month. 2 weeks away and […]

September 20, 2018
Tips & Tricks For Inktober

Inktober is just around the corner! It's never too early to start prepping and hashing out the best gameplan for the extensive challenge of drawing every day for the month of October. I wasn't planning on participating this year as I feel like I have a lot on my plate already BUT after your persuasion, […]

August 27, 2018
My History Of Designing Shirts

Hello again! This month I thought I would touch on a short history of what companies I go through in order to make my shirts (What programs I use, and a brief description of my process will be for another post for those of you who are interested). These are things that I've researched and […]


Preorders for my mini GIRLGANG zine are up in my shop! I need 15 orders to have it funded! Preordered zines will receive a doodle and signature as a thank you for funding it! Thank you in advance for your support!✨💕
Order here- https://t.co/iudc4YPDXt

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