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The Artist​

Ama is an American pop-surrealist painter

Ama is most recognized for her stylized blend of cartoon realism dipped in shades of vibrant pastel gouache. She pulls heavy influence from Asian folklore, 90’s/early 2000’s trance, magic, kimokawaii, and cyberpop culture. She enjoys experimenting with the juxtaposition of color and concept, oftentimes masking heavy themes or feelings with soft hues, ultimately creating a universe in pastel. She breathes life into the female form with delicate beauty and charm with ethereal women as her focal point, harmonizing them in a world of enchantment and the bizarre.



Private commission work.


Brainstorming concept art for games, novels, character design, and comics.


Various products ranging from totes, tees, stickers, prints, pins, etc.


Comic book art covers and limited run paintings for book releases.


Cosplay concept design often used for photoshoots and conventions.


Cover art for songs/ album covers


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