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Euphoria Artbook/Zine


Absolute Ama's 'EUPHORIA' Astrobabe zine!
Limited edition- will NOT be reordered when sold out. 
Paper: 70lb paper satin
Matte laminated cover for all that extra fanciness.
Size: 6.69"x9.61" (which is the actual size of the majority of Ama's originals!).
This 44-page artbook/zine, features hi-res images of Ama's works that were created during the year 2018 mixed with pale, semi blurry (phone pics and not actual scans) dirty doodle WIP sketches of certain paintings as well as inserts of thoughts, inspirations, stories, and struggles Ama went through for that year.

By purchasing a zine, you agree to waiting possibly a month to receive your zine. I don't want it to take a month but depending on how many purchases I receive, it MAY take that long, due to packaging the large number of zines.

Thank you so much for your support and for pushing me to create an Astrobabe zine to begin with! You and I have spent half a year conceptualizing what I could even do for a zine so it makes me super happy to finally get this out to you all!
These zines are funding my trip to Thailand and Japan for 2019, so any purchase will be greatly appreciated!

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 6.69 × 9.61 in


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