Absolute Ama’s ‘SUKEBAN GIRLGANG’ mini zine!
Limited edition- will NOT be reordered when sold out.  
Paper: 70lb paper satin
Matte laminated cover for all that extra fanciness.
Size: 5″x6”
This 16 side zine, features hi-res images of character portraits from Ama’s AstroBabe Universe. These are introductory profiles of a group of girls that could lead to a POSSIBLE mini comic in the future. A small but for fun zine of portraits of some badass babes from outerspace! If you would like to own a limited edition mini character profile zine, this is for you!

By purchasing a zine, you agree to waiting possibly a month to receive your zine. I don’t want it to take a month but depending on how many purchases I receive, it MAY take that long, due to packaging a large number of zines.

Thank you so much for your support and for allowing me to create this zine to begin with!
These zines are funding my continuation of creating art and my livelihood, so any purchase will be greatly appreciated!

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