Creative Circle

Grow together with artist friends and moms without feeling isolated doing what you love.

Do you feel like there’s not enough outside support for you as an artist? The kind of support from people who understands what you do. Not people telling you what to do because they think that’s better for you.

Creative Circle helps you stay creative with people like you. Say good-bye to struggling alone. And hello to friends with benefits.

A community of creatives at all levels who welcomes you. Join 100s facing the same challenges. You’ll find a place to fit in where everyone is rooting for your success including a safe place to vent with artists who can relate.

A growing library of resources you can take advantage of for growing your social media, improving your creative skills, and building a business around your passion.

Open new doors with collabs. Stay motivated with events, opportunities, and creative outlets when you’re close to burn out. Or apply for grants contributed by the community, found in the wild, so you never miss out on the opportunities in life.

Reviews from Creative Circle members…

Become a Creative Circle member today along with 100s of other happy artists.

Join Creative Circle

No Commitment. Cancel Anytime.​

Creative Circle is $2 / mo. You’ll be grandfathered to the price when it goes up as the community grows.


How do I pay?

Payment is made through All receipts and invoices are from Patron too.

How active is the community?

The community is active enough to keep up to date with the topics you’re interested in.

Why do you charge for Creative Circle?

There are many amazing community out there that’s free to join. Creative Circle complements what’s out there. Members in our community prefer the intimate, supportive family -like environment without the trolls and drama in the industry which the price help filters out. It’s not perfect, so we’re always looking for better ways.

Will Creative Circle be FREE?

No. Creative Circle is a very relax, open and diverse group of professionals, creatives, and students who value their time and privacy. We try to be as transparent as possible by sharing as much as possible to help each other grow as opposed to taking advantage of other’s good will. The reason why a private community is important.

What are the main topics of discussions?

Anything and everything. While it’s a community of creatives, topics covered ranges from art to day-to-day life. Think of Creative Circle as a second family there to support you.

How do I get access to Creative Circle?

You’ll be taken to Patreon where you can subscribe to the $2 Tier after you click the button  above that says “Join Creative Circle ->”. Access to the community will be emailed to you within 60 minutes.

Can I join on my iPhone or Android?

Yes. Creative Circle is hosted on Discord servers. You can use the Discord app from your phone to access the community. Download Discord from your app store or visit

What if I’m not an artist?

You’re still welcome to join the community. Our circle is not limited to just artist. Our members are sculptors, teachers, chefs, students, moms, etc.

What else happens?

We have movie nights and conversations ranging from normal to the bizarre.

What is FAQ?
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