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Ama is a self taught freelance artist, currently residing in Chico, California. Spending most of her childhood daydreaming strange situations, Ama loves to imagine a world of magic which she feels has influenced her current state of work.

Heavily inspired by Japanese animation and comics, she is recognized for her authentic blend of cartoon realism. Within this realm, she combines otherworldly and mystical components sparked by Studio Ghibli and cyberspace vibes. She exclusively works in pastel color schemes to lighten the mood of the paintings. In turn, each piece creates a perfect coexisting theme of the grungy dystopian AstroBabe Universe dipped in a pastel paradise.

With ethereal maidens as her focal point, she encompasses the female form, harmonizing the women in both beauty and the bizarre. As of now, she's been experimenting with action poses, provoking movement with still figures. Each painting allows the viewer to embrace the stories and symbolism of the characters in a perfect mixture of fantasy and pop surrealism, taking them to a place no human has been before.

She exclusively works in watercolor, gouache, and ink, yet on occasion produces works in digital for prints and merchandises.


2019- Group show @ 1078 Gallery, Chico California

2018- Solo exhibition @ Naked Lounge, Chico California

2017 - Solo exhibition @ Great Northern Coffee & Gallery, Chico California


Magazine: Imagine FX, Issue 167, Dec 2018

Newspaper: CN&R, Dec 2018

Newspaper: CN&R, Oct 2017

Newspaper: Enterprise Record, Oct 2017
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