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Ama is a contemporary American pop surrealist painter, born and currently residing in Chico, California. She works as a freelance artist and is the face of the illustration brand: Absolute Ama. Spending most of her childhood daydreaming strange situations and consuming Japanese Animation, Ama loves to imagine a world of magic which she feels has influenced her current state of work. Ama has spent majority of her life creating art, though after her first year as an art major, she switched to a degree in STEM. In 2016 Ama left school due to health complications which she later found out was Endometriosis. She picked up art again, as a form of therapy and started self-studying through books and online information, all while caring for her son at home. 

Since then she has had amazing opportunities with being featured in magazine/newspapers, and has shown her art at various galleries, as well as self publishing her own books. She has grown online, not only as a pop surreal artist, but as a motivator for other women and mothers, to continue to grow as artists, regardless of the challenges of child-rearing or life's plot twists.

Ama is most recognized for her stylized blend of cartoon realism. She is heavily inspired by Studio Ghibli, witchcraft, Final Fantasy, kimokawaii, and cyberpop culture. Ama enjoys playing with the juxtaposition of both color and concept, masking heavy themes with soft shades while still retaining the emotions behind the painting. With ethereal maidens as her focal point, she paints the female form with delicate beauty, harmonizing the women in both enchantment and the bizarre. 

Ama exclusively works in design gouache, watercolor, as well as ink, yet on occasion produces works in digital format for prints and merchandises.


August 1st-31st: ZINE Group Show, Blackbird Cafe Chico California, USA

Sept 7th-8th. 11am-5pm: Chico Print Party, 1078 Gallery, Chico California, USA

Sept 18th- Oct 31st. Ethereal , Provisions Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Chico California, USA
(Opening Reception: Sept 19th 6pm-8pm).

Sept 28th. 10am-2pm: ZINEFEST, Blackbird Cafe, Chico California, USA

Nov 8th. Anime Group Show, Vault Gallerie, Chicago, USA.


2019- Vault Gallerie, Anime Group Show, Chicago, USA

2019- Provisions Gallery, ETHEREAL Solo Exhibition, Chico California, USA

2019- Blackbird Cafe, ZINE Group Show Chico California, USA

2019- 1078 Gallery, Keep Chico Weird Group Show Chico California, USA

2018- Naked Lounge, EUPHORIA Solo Show, Chico California, USA

2017 - Great Northern Coffee & Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Chico California, USA


Magazine: Imagine FX, Issue 167, Dec 2018

Newspaper: CN&R, Dec 2018

Newspaper: CN&R, Oct 2017

Newspaper: Enterprise Record, Oct 2017
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