Ama is an emerging Pop Surrealist, currently residing in Northern California. Using techniques with both watercolor and ink, she integrates her emotions through storytelling with the use of symbolism. Using ethereal maidens as her focal point, she harmonizes each of them in both beauty and the bizarre. Each painting allows the viewer to ponder the stories of the characters in a perfect mixture of fantasy and pop surrealism.

Heavily influenced by Japanese animation and comics, she is recognized for her impeccable blend of cartoon realism.

In her youtube videos, Ama is known for her transparency, often talking about her struggles and techniques within art, as well as inspiring others to push through the rough stages of being an artist and progress in their own art skills.

Ama, is a self taught artist, with only art class electives under her belt. She pushes herself in her ever-growing progression to show others that if they have the drive, they can achieve anything, even without a traditional degree. 

Previously seen in:

2017 – Solo exhibition, Great Northern Coffee & Gallery, Chico Ca